Video Chronicles, Meet Asia R.

This is the fourth installment in the ongoing video series, “The LadyTrucker Chronicles”.

I am proud to introduce to you, a veteran LadyTrucker with 10 years experience and wisdom
that she graciously shares with us. Her name is Asia R. and you can also find her on Twitter
as Diesel_Lady. Her YouTube channel is Diesellady35

Asia was kind enough to videotape herself, and she emailed me the file. Of course, I
would always prefer an in-person interview, but I understand that our hard working
LadyTruckers are all over America, and they can be pretty hard to catch up to!

I know you will really enjoy meeting Asia. She shares a funny story that you will
get a real kick out of, and some good advice for the women who are considering
trucking as a career.

Thank you for watching, and please leave Asia a comment!

God Bless, and remember, Truckers Move America!


3 thoughts on “Video Chronicles, Meet Asia R.

  1. I just wanted to say that I found your video extremely helpful. Im leaving in a couple of weeks for driving school and I have been trying to do as much research as possible from a woman’s perspective. I have been around trucking for many years, however, I have never been in a truck alone and I was a bit concerned about my choice due to the fact of it being a “male-dominated” industry, not to mention I have seen how truck driving men can treat woman who are not drivers. I used to work in a grain elevator and can’t tell you how many remarks and come-ons I have encountered. Thank you for posting your video! Good luck and be safe!

  2. I am happy to hear that my video of Asia, and the other LadyTruckers, have been a help to you! There are other resources on the internet that you may find helpful, also. There is a woman by the name of Desiree Wood, who made it her mission to expose and publicize the abuses to the women truckers. You can find her on Facebook, RealWomenTruckers, and on Twitter, DesireeWood. The organization, Women In have also gotten very proactive to ensure the safety of the Ladytruckers. The President and CEO of Women In Trucking, Ellen Voie, even went to Washington, DC, and is valiantly trying to get a 1-800 hotline number so that ANY trucker, male or female, will have help in the case of a dangerous situation while out on the road. A lot of your own self-protection will be common sense…..dress appropriately, and do not set yourself up to become a victim. You can also request a female trainer if you would be more comfortable with a woman than a man, but no decent company will pair you up with a “predator”. CRST put a BAD trainer with a woman, she sued, and WON. Now, CRST makes their orientation difficult, if not impossible for any potential woman trucker. Many women cannot pass the physical requirements, IE: Lifting 80 lbs over your head multiple times. For newbies, companies like Werner and Swift are good to get your training and experience.
    Abuse towards women have always been a problem in any male dominated industry. Awareness has been raised across the board, and you are much safer
    now than you would have been 10-15 years ago.
    Trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, you are constantly at risk; driving a vehicle that tops out at 80,000 lbs, (that’s 40,000 TONS!) in every
    type of road conditions, snow, torrential rain, mountain terrain, etc, is not a profession for the faint of heart. People in positions of power, political figures, are always adding new rules and regulations, which makes doing our jobs even more difficult.
    If you have your heart set on trucking as a profession/career, I wish you all the best of success! Facebook and Twitter, have many truckers, male and female, and you will find that most will be willing to help you, and give some advice. Utilize the power of social networking to educate yourself, make new friends, and to stay connected while you are in training, and later, out on your own.
    God Bless!

  3. PS: to Heather Smith Just to warn you, the aforementioned groups do not always see ‘eye to eye’ on things. Desiree Wood is NOT a fan of the organization Women In Trucking. She claimed that they did not take the abuses towards women in the trucking industry seriously enough. CRST is one of the corporate sponsors of WIT. But WIT has many corporate sponsors who are well-regarded in the transportation industry. Any time that WIT takes action to help improve
    the working conditions for the LadyTruckers, D. Wood is quick to lambast them. It is as if WIT cannot win in her eyes. So, be warned. To WIT’s credit, they have
    never slandered, or stooped to mudslinging any other person who is trying to make a positive difference in the industry.
    Here are some folks to check out on FB: Heather Pontruff, she runs “The Trucker’s Voice”, also on the web. Allen Smith exposes the lease purchase scams that are prevalent in the industry, he runs and And WIT are on Facebook, and their website is

    I try to stay impartial, I support all those who are proactive and who try to improve the industry for not just women, but for ALL truckers. I do not listen to ‘gossip’, nor do I allow anyone to say, “Stay away from THAT one”, etc. Try not to be swayed by slander, please do your homework, and then make your decisions as to the best people in which to associate yourself with.

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