Trucking since 1996

    There are more women than you probably realize, that have been trucking since the 80’s, or even longer than that.  The harassment for most of them never let up, but these spunky gals refused to allow anyone to keep them from their love of the open road, and the challenges of driving.  To them, I salute you all!  You were the groundbreakers, the trail blazers, and like the suffragettes from 100 years ago, you opened the doors so that the wanna-be LadyTruckers could follow in your footsteps.

   I started trucking back in 1996.  I was very fortunate in that I really did not experience the gender discrimination that so many women have dealt with.  But I did get a lot of “double takes”, and some men looked at me as if I had two heads.  At one TA, I was not served breakfast after waiting nearly an hour for my meal, the waitress may have assumed, incorrectly, that I was a “lot lizard” and not worthy of a hot meal.  Some of the dock managers could be real jerks, expecting me to hand unload a trailer full of product….well folks, if it’s difficult for one strong man to do, it will be nearly impossible for one gal to do.  Thankfully, most freight is now “drop and hook” or ‘no touch’, and there are those in the industry who recognize and value the strengths of the nation’s LadyTruckers.  We tend to be safer and more courteous drivers behind the wheel.

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