Nightmare Co-Drivers

I firmly believe that MOST of the LadyTruckers have a “Nightmare Co-Driver” story, or
even a “horror” story as to what may have happened to them in the field of Trucking.

Trucking companies traditionally team a new driver up with a “trainer”. Unfortunately, many of
these “trainers” have been rude, disrespectful, unsafe, and a few have even sexually harassed
our LadyTruckers. It is a dirty little secret in the industry, that these practices have been
allowed to continue in order to dissuade a woman from choosing trucking as a career. By the
amount of women who continue to follow their dream of Moving America, these unsavory
tactics are not deterring us in the least. We are women, watch us roar! Step aside, boys,
we mean business!

In order for us to improve the working and training conditions for the real women in trucking,
we need to come forward and share our stories. By exposing the truths, we can educate
the public and the powers-that-be, and I promise you, that the current situations will begin to
improve for the better.

I shared my “Nightmare Co-Driver” story a couple of months ago. In only one month,
the video had over 900 hits. Trucker Desiree said that a lot of women came forward
and confessed to her certain harassments they had endured since entering the industry.
Is is ALL bad? No, of course not, otherwise, you would not see women driving a
big rig. But even ONE horror story is one too many.

One way we can begin to improve the working conditions for the real women in trucking
is to share our stories with each other, and to educate the public as to what really
happens behind closed doors. We have nothing to be ashamed of. Trucking is an
honorable profession, and without truckers, this country would stop dead in it’s tracks.

I encourage every LadyTrucker to share their NightMare Co-Driver or “horror” story
with me, and by doing so, you will be helping another person. God Bless!


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